Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Lots of space for little green men

This is perhaps the world's most famous observatory. Telescopes having been gazing into space from this spot for hundreds of years - for those of you in the know, one of them stares directly at Pluto, which is visible even in broad daylight. No, not that Pluto. Yep, that's right, that one.

The world's second most famous astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, said earlier this week that he doesn't think the US should go back to moon - with current plans aiming to do just that by 2020.

Thanks to these whopping great telescopes, you can see a lot further. He says his homeland should concentrate its efforts on getting to Mars, a big rusty ball floating a few million miles away.

One can't help but detect a bit of Bing Gordyn syndrome - you know, that fictional astronaut and the "first man on the moon with a moustache" played by David Walliams in Little Britain USA.

In Aldrin's own words, NASA are recreating a "glorified rehash of what we did 40 years ago."

Oo-er. Jealousss.

Anyone found one of those 20ps yet?

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