Saturday, 8 August 2009

League 2: The struggle begins (again)

This afternoon I parted with a hard-earned £20 note to watch Cheltenham beat Grimsby in the fourth tier of English football: League Two.

Yes, the Football League season has begun - and it's proper football too, no multi-millionaires and shiny hair, but spectacular comebacks from heavy-set titans of men. Julian Alsop, I salute you.

I'm hoping the general lack of money that seems to have beset the globe will inspire more people to visit the Whaddon Roads, Underhills and Aggboroughs of the footballing (under)world. Maybe it will be a uniting force - I've heard stories of Arsenal and Spurs fans buying Barnet shirts in time for this afternoon.

While the lower leagues have always been a bit of a struggle (which is part of the attraction, I reckon), there have been two extremes developing. One has been lingering and getting progressively worse - clubs running out of money and going bust.

The other is the 'rich man's toy' phenomenon, which seems to have arrived at Notts County after the club were taken over by a Middle Eastern consortium and made some guy called Sven director of football.

I don't want League Two to be polarised. As far as I'm concerned, it's one of the last footballing bastions untouched by greed and experimenting.

I do want more people to switch off Sky Sports and go and watch their local team. Football is a leveller - even for itself.

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  1. I'm far from a man of sport, but you have written wise words.

    The beauty of football is being lost by the Premiership. Support local teams supports local people which is one of the many steps needed to raise our economy.