Saturday, 9 January 2010

William Hill snowballs to moral bankruptcy

The white stuff has been falling like snowbody's business, and much merriment it has brought to the little island we inhabit.

Scanning the letters page of my local newspaper, I have been reminded to consider the effects of snow and ice on the elderly and disabled as they go about their daily business - and granted, it must be pretty bloody inconvenient.

But it has also brought happiness and excitement - just look at that dog. 

I, meanwhile, have been hurtling myself down the icy fairway of hole-something-or-other at Lilley Brook Golf Club on a sledge my dad made in 1978. It's the most fun I've had all year (January 6th and counting…).

High street and online gambling outlet William Hill is loving every second of the snowy weather - it has reported a "hundred fold increase in players" signing up to its online games because so many people are "bored" by the cold weather.

While the latter statement is a blatant lie (snow ain't boring compared to January drizzle, you know that), the former could be explained by nationwide postponements of football and rugby matches, leaving most punters with nothing to bet on. At least that's what I'm clinging on to.

William Hill believes that online gambling "certainly beats trudging through the snow" and reports that Britain's mums are ditching talking with their friends in front of the school gates in favour of spending time in the bingo chatroom. Are their kids expected to find their own way home from class?

If there is even the slightest element of truth in this, then I despair. But any disappointment is overridden by resentment towards William Hill for demonising the most beautiful of nature's marvels and instead encouraging people to sit hunched in front of a monitor staring at pixels, pretending to be in a bingo hall.

If that isn't enough, William Hill is championing mothers who shun their maternal duties and replace them with typing to an online avatar buddy in a bingo chatroom.

While the snow is still here and gambling shops remain closed, I urge you to show William Hill how much fun it is by pelting its grotty windows with yellow-tinged balls of snowflakes.

Pic credit: Anda74

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