Tuesday, 9 March 2010

February's quote of the month

It was difficult to look past Peter Kay's "what a nobhead" swipe at Liam Gallagher or Charlie Brooker's take on the iPad, but I decided to settle on something a little more heartfelt.

[Incidentally, how do you spell 'nobhead'? This is what most people seem to go with, but the Metro and Yahoo reckon it's 'knobhead'. Some mavericks insert a space between 'nob' or 'knob' and 'head'. I've always assumed 'nob' is penis and 'knob' is strictly left to doors, but who am I to argue one way or the other?]

Moving on...

The above is an image of RFA Sir Tristram in the Falklands in 1982. It was badly damaged in the conflict and two of its crew were killed in an explosion.

It is 28 years since Maggy T signalled her intent to go to war with Argentina over the South Atlantic islands. Her attitude, and those who supported the then prime minister's decision, was perceived rather well by Matthew Parris in his column in the Times:

"The English are a surprisingly bellicose people. When it comes to a fight that we think we can win, calculations of rational self-interest are cast aside. Forget this, and you will miss your country’s mood and end up spitting into the wind."
Pic credit: Tom JP

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