Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow in London: Slightly clichéd photographs

Occasionally, the mercury plummets to such depths that it becomes too cold to snow. Which is, of course, absolutely untrue - the people spouting such myths clearly haven't roamed the snowy wastelands of the Arctic or Antarctic. I digress. It 'felt' a positively polar minus 7 degrees C in London today, and the snow-clogged clouds dutifully deposited their fluffy white contents over the capital's streets as I was plodding around during my lunch hour. So naturally I joined in with everybody else struggling with their camera's exposure and white balance settings to take the following slightly clichéd photographs. Ka-boom:

Snowing in front of Big Ben

Snow settles on South Bank

Snow in Victoria Embankment Gardens

Frozen cafe

St Paul's in the snow

City Hall in the snow

Thames in the snow

Snow on South Bank

Snowy Victoria Embankment Gardens


  1. Cliched they may well be, Charlie, but these are ruddy wonderful. I need to get me a snazzy camera and learn how to take a decent pic - I'm impressed!