Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Captain Arthur

Today is Armistice Day, which marks the 91st anniversary of the end of hostilities on the Western Front between the Allies and Germany.

I fell silent for two minutes to think about Captain Arthur Dermot William Woollett, my great-grandfather.

He died on 22nd April 1944 in Burma's Arakan region after being shot by a Japanese ambush party. Aged just 34, he left behind his wife Phyllis and his two young children, Maureen and Eileen.

He was laid to rest in Taukkyan War Cemetery, just north of Rangoon. Some 6,373 other Commonwealth soldiers are buried there.

There is also a series of memorial pillars, which contain the names of 27,000 other men from India, Africa, Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand who died fighting the Japanese during the Second World War.


  1. I was touched to see that you have remembered your great grandfather on armistice day charlie. He would be so proud of you. What would he have thought of the internet I wonder. He was a signals officer so I think he would have embraced it for communication was his thing.
    you do look a bit like him.
    all the best

  2. Thanks Charlie, just in case I never said it to you before, I think you are a lovely bloke. Nick