Monday, 27 July 2009

Nice to see you... see you nice. Is probably what Gordon Brown didn't say when he invited Bruce Forsyth, among others, to dine at Chequers last year.

The fabulously-named Lee Benedictus pondered in the Guardian earlier this month what it would be like if Brucie was appointed secretary of state for work and pensions.

Does it seem so far fetched following Srrralan's promotion to the House of Lords?

"A noted advocate of the later retirement age, he is also known to favour sweeping reforms to social security, which would see disability benefits replaced by a system under which injuries to the hand, leg or arm will be allocated points exchangeable for a range of prizes," Benedictus wrote.

I can see both society's older people and injuriees (I just made that word up) taking to Mr Forsyth. Yes, scandalously he's only a Mr - although there is a CBE after Brucie's name.
Consider the alternative under the current goverment, whose plans to boost retirement income for people aged 50 and over involves, yaaaaawn, slightly increasing the ISA savings limit.

Bruce Forsyth is a man prepared to make sacrifices, too. Instead of his usual £660,000 fee for Strictly Come Dancing, for example, he'll only be paid half a million pounds for the next series.

This bloomin' recession.

Pic credit: geoff.welding

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