Monday, 13 July 2009


This chap is literally watching the passage of time. Us humans are obsessed with clocks, watches and other more contemporary time-keeping devices which, alas, this fellow will never see.

Time reminds us of our own mortality. That each one of us is... tick-tock... getting older by the second. Many have dreamed of living forever, or least extending their lives by a few years.

Centenarians are regularly asked to reveal the secrets of a long life. Some of my favourite suggestions have been having lots of moles, taking cold showers and vegetables. Just vegetables. I'm not sure whether to rub purple sprouting in my face or actually attempt to cook it.

But maybe I won't have to bother. Instead, I shall head to Easter Island to find myself some Rapamycin - a naturally occurring substance found in the island's soil.

Apparently it has made laboratory mice live past their life expectancy. And anybody who knows anything about science knows that mammals are all pretty much the same. Yep, whales are more closely related to mice than they are to fish. Ask Richard Dawkins.

I digress. We'll see what happens with Rapamycin. Until then, I'll be working tirelessly to improve my social standing, which, some experts have said, is more important to longevity than a healthy diet, access to healthcare and exposure to fewer diseases.

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